What You Need To Know About Moving From Illinois to Florida.

Living in West Palm Beach Florida, The Pros and Cons

West Palm Beach Florida is one of the most popular places in South Florida. It has some significant features that will make you fall in love with it. This is something that will obviously happen within the shortest time possible. It might occur on your first visit to West Palm Beach as a tourist. After your first visit out will be moving up and down trying to find a house in West palm beach. The place itself has its share of pros and cons. You can compare the pros against the cons and unravel if West Palm Beach, Florida is the best place for you.

The Pros

The Weather

The warm weather of West Palm Beach is a very conducive environment for your overall well being. For those from the Northern areas of North America where the cold winters bring along cabin fever becomes just a memory of the past. You will have great peace of mind know that you can enjoy the outdoors year round. West Palm Beach is one of those places which will give you such a surrounding. With this type of amazing weather you can enjoy outdoor activities from golf and tennis to more importantly the beach!

Great Dining Options

If you are a foodie then West Palm Beach has a wide variety of options from your high end fine dining to food trucks and everything in between. From the huge selection of seafood because of close proximity to the ocean, the big Caribbean influence and also some awesome pizza, there is something for every palate in West Palm Beach. Not to mention scenery from ocean front and intercoastal restaurants, who wouldn’t love dining with the view of the beautiful water.

Sporting Events

Obviously, you will need to engage in your favorite sport when it comes around. West Palm Beach Florida will guarantee you that. If you love Major League Baseball then spring training facilities are close by. If you love horses, the Wellington area has some of the top equestrian facilities in the country. If you love golf and tennis then you will have tons of options. If you prefer to stay a spectator you have the Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, The Dolphins and The Panthers.

The Cons

Quite expensive
Getting to enjoy everything West Palm Beach, Florida has to offer comes at a cost. Yes, there are some areas that have some of the most amazing mansions in the United States for the ultra wealthy. But there are some reasonable areas in West Palm Beach that won’t break the bank for you. The good thing is the real estate market is very strong.

The bottom line is West Palm Beach has a lot to offer. You can be part of those people who always throng the area to have fun. If you plan to move down here and love golf and tennis, we highly recommend checking out The Preserve at Ironhorse. For more information on memberships at contact us today at (561) 624-5550.