Golf Chipping Tips

It is one thing to be able to move a golf ball from its current position; it is another thing to be able to chip a golf ball to improve your scoring rounds. To be honest, chipping a golf ball is the most exciting thing about golf. Everyone wants to hit the ball into its scoring range but chipping a ball requires some certain moves, a better stance, and an applied effort. Golfers simply ignore and fail to practice their chipping lessons regularly. We have below a few chip shot tips that will keep you on track in your next game.

High Running Chip: Stand Close to the Ball

Most beginners make the mistake of standing far from the ball and thus applying poor effort to chip. Standing close to the ball and keeping your club face square gives you an excellent chance to make a solid strike. Stand at least 5 inches from the ball to increase your chance of scoring. Standing at least 5 inches from the ball gives you a better position to avoid the duffs and chunks.

Level your Shoulders

Basically, you need to learn the methods to which you can move a ball. Let’s look at the key to level your shoulder. Grip with your left hand and make sure it is firm enough but not too tight. Your left shoulder will be higher than the other, by doing that you are already measuring the distance of the ball with your hand (this depends on the axis you are facing). The next step is to grip with your second hand under the left hand before you swing. If you are left-handed, you might want to grip first with your right hand and let your left hand follow right underneath the right to give you a better swing.

Examine Your Weight

Shift your weight to your forward leg and not your hands or back. As you hit the ball, back in your stance to keep you vertical as you swing. Staying vertical is better when it comes to chipping. It will help you pop the ball high enough towards the hole.

Low Running Chips

For low running chipping, you should follow the steps above. The slight difference between these two steps is you don’t have to apply too much effort. Keep your head high and focus towards the hole and now you can hit the ball towards the ground to increase your scoring chance. Most times you might not achieve your aim at the first or second trial. As you practice this continuously, you should be able to reach your desired scoring rounds in little or no time at all.

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” The more you practice, the more you improve your scoring rounds. It is most likely you start enjoying it even from your first trial. Chip shots are a huge part of each round you play so dedicate more time to practicing your chipping techniques, and you will be perfect in no time.

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