Top Sandbars In The Palm Beaches

Top-view of a sandbar

One of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the United States is the Palm Beaches. There is a wide range of activities that you can engage in here including swimming, rafting, boating and other fun activities. There are also many places you can visit when you are at the Palm Beaches with either your family or friends and colleagues.

The people here are friendly and the breeze and the soft sand will clear your mind off all your troubles. As the name suggests, the Palm Beaches is a collection of very many beaches that you can choose to spend your time at.

Among the very many spots you can choose to spend your weekend, vacation and even a casual afternoon, here are the best:

1. The Peanut Island Sandbar
This spot is just near the Palm Beach Inlet, and it is located in in the center of the Lake Worth Lagoon. The island has been existence for close to 8 decades now and it is among the best among all the others. In addition to being a very beautiful destination for picnics, visitors can also participate in activities like boating, snorkeling, and even watch the beautiful view of the East.

2. Lake Boca Raton
This beautiful spot is separated from the ocean where condos and homes have been built. This is the perfect spot for people looking to play and anchor for some time. Boca Raton is specifically fun during summer, when Boca Raton bashes are held. At this time, the boaters anchor their boats together as they celebrate the sun and music together.

3. The Jupiter sandbar
This is also called the Loxahatchee River Sandbar by many people. It is located near the Jupiter Inlet and it is the best when you want to take casual strolls in the beach. The sand is very soft and there is some grass. For people looking to have group fun, then the Western side of the beach is the best and the Eastern side is the best for quiet family time.

4. Beer Can Island
This one is located just near the Boynton Inlet and the name of the Island arose from the empty beer cans that were always found in the island after a fun party. Today, however, the island is a fun spot to visit and see the different bird species and also have some fun in the water. The mouth where the inlet joins to the sea is very close by and watching a fleet of boats in the ocean can be a fun activity to do.

At the Palm Beaches, there are very many places to visit, activities to do and things to see. When you are at the Palm Beaches, In addition to the spots mentioned above, the Preserve at Ironhorse is a must visit. It is located in West Palm Beach and is members only country club. This is the best place when you want to hold gatherings and conferences play games like tennis, swimming and golf and even spend some time in the gym. It is family-friendly and there are fun activities for all members of the family. The Preserve at Ironhorse has all that you need during your weekend or vacation t the Palm Beaches.