Palm Beach Gardens Country Club

If you are searching for a Palm Beach Gardens country club with a youthful vibe, Ironhorse Country Club may be the perfect place for you.

All facilities are freshly renovated, and the golf course has new Celebration Bermudagrass. Our limited Palm Beach Gardens country club memberships include a Full Golf Membership, Young Professional Membership, Sports Membership, and Social Membership. When you are an Ironside member, you can enjoy benefits of golf and advantages of belonging to a social group.

Benefits of GolfingPalm Beach Gardens Country Club 561-624-5550

Our 72-par golf course is designed by Arthur Hills, and it’s surrounded by serene Grassy Waters Preserve. The course is challenging and has balance and variety. Benefits of golfing outweigh such trivial matters as the numbers on a golf handicap. Members can enjoy golfing at Ironhorse and getting in on the advantages of engaging in the sport. Benefits of golfing include the following:

  • Carrying your golf clubs can burn between 1,400 and 2,000 calories. Pulling a golf caddy cart burns about 1,442 calories. You will burn approximately 820 calories, if you ride a golf cart.
  • Golf is a game that involves mental acumen, and you can keep your mind sharp by playing golf routinely.
  • You can do your vision good by golfing. As you focus on distant targets down the range and then on the ball, your eyes get a nice workout. This type of activity may be more beneficial than ever, with today’s generation frequently staring at small screens each day.
  • Numerous studies show that playing golf is an activity that improves heart health.
  • Stress can lead to many serious health conditions, and golfing is a great stress reliever, between the exercise, spending time in nature, and interacting socially.

Benefits of Joining a Country Club

It’s advantageous to become a member of a fine Palm Beach Gardens country club, such as Ironhorse Country Club. Some of the benefits follow:

  • When you’re part of group categorized as “high status,” your level of self-confidence can be expected to grow.
  • It gives you a mental health boost , simply by being in a group of people with similar lifestyle preferences.
  • You could make lifelong friends and possibly great business connections, as well.

Country Club Activities

There are numerous involvements to enjoy at Ironhorse Country Club, in addition to golfing. The following are some activities at Ironhorse:

  • Tennis pro Julian Alonso and his team offer private tennis lessons and run a terrific program. Members are matched with others of similar skill levels, and there is plenty of social and competitive play. Our 10 and Under golf program gives little ones a place to go when parents are busy. In the program, children learn to appreciate tennis and stay busy and safe.
  • We have wonderful state-of-the-art equipment at the Fitness Center. While maintaining physical fitness, you are surrounded by a panoramic view of the golf course.
  • Aerobics classes are available to all membership levels, in our resort-style pool.
  • Private social events can be scheduled in our two event rooms, which have stunning views of the golf course and nature preserve. Our members have weddings, bridal showers, dances, family celebrations, and many other occasions at our updated facilities.

Contact our Membership Director

Enjoy all the benefits of a Palm Beach Gardens country club at Ironhorse Country Club.  Contact Audry Longo, our Membership Director, today at Palm Beach Gardens Country Club .