West Palm Beach Travel Guide

West Palm Beach Travel Guide

The West Palm Beach is the home to some of the wealthiest zip codes in America. It serves as the favorite place where these tycoons have built their beachfront homes. It comes with a variety of options for travelers visiting ranging from hotels of all financial budget to a wide array of attractions far from the shores.

What is the best time to visit?

We have two of the best seasons that you should consider when visiting West Palm Beach. The first one is towards the end of the spring season preferably from the month of April to May. This will enable you to avoid the extremely hot temperatures of the Spring and Summer. The second time to visit should be at the start of fall which is between the months September to October. Here you will be able to avoid the biggest crowds coming to visit. During this time temperatures fluctuate from 60s-80s. Many people will flood the beach during the summer when school is out. During the winter, you should expect the snowbirds’ who will try to resettle in the area as they try to evade the cold weather in the North.

West Palm is one of the favorite cities in the state of Florida. You should, therefore, avoid the city during the peak season. It is common for large crowds of people to gather in the city during the winter. This translates to high prices for every service or commodity. Try to visit the city during its off season, mainly after Easter holiday. You will be able to evade high airfare and hotel rates.

To move around the city, you will need to either bring your own vehicle or rent one since public transportation can be limiting. You will also need to get to the attractions sites such as McCarthy sanctuary and other neighboring cities. You should use the West Palm trolley which provides the most expedient and free option to travel around the Clematis street and the Kravis Center.

The West Palm Beach provides a wider array of free activities as a way of attracting more visitors. You should take full advantage of that. You can sight-see the Intracoastal shipping canal on a yacht or even walk through the popular Okeeheelee Park. During the night, go to the beach and try to have a glimpse of the turtle nesting in the season beginning from March to August.

West Palm Beach has many restaurants each fitting perfectly into different budgets. Since the Beach eating places are closely located in the water, fresh seafood is usually the main dishes. Expect seafood such as the shrimp and grouper. Have your bite at the most popular places such as Bimini Twist and Tin Fish to have a true taste of the seafood.

Besides that, West Palm Beach has a diverse range of cultural restaurants such as Greek, Mexican and Italian Cuisine. For Mexican meals, try on the Tequila Bar which is located on the Clematis street. For the lovers of Greek meals, the Mediterranean Kitchen is your place to be. Here you will be served baklava, hummus, and the dolma dishes. If you have cravings for Italian dishes, try on the City Place where you will be served with meals such as the pasta soup and linguine sauce.

If you eventually plan on settling down in West Palm Beach and enjoy golf and tennis then we highly recommend The Preserve at Ironhorse. It is a private membership country club that also offers fitness facilities and social events to meet new friends.