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Ironhorse Country Club is a West Palm Beach country club with a youthful vibe and many benefits that go beyond having abundant opportunities for keeping fit. Life at its best is lived in a rich community setting, and golfing has something to offer everyone, from duffers to pro-level golfers. Ironhorse offers a Full Golf Membership, Young Professional Membership, Sports Membership, and Social Membership. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy many advantages, in addition to the total renovation completed between 2015 and 2016.

Perks of BelongingWest Palm Beach Country Club 561-624-5550

Our members enjoy being someplace where virtually everyone knows their name. There are physical and mental health benefits that you get just by making it a habit to mingle at your West Palm Beach country club:

  • When you’re part of a group with similar lifestyle preferences, you get an overall mental health boost.
  • As a member of a high-status group, you gain a greater level of self-confidence.
  • Being part of a social club like Ironhorse will reduce your risk of suffering from anxiety or depression.
  • By making connections at Ironhorse, there is the possibility that you could gain business advantages.

Benefits of Golfing

Golfing on our 72-par Arthur Hills-designed golf course is a pleasure for golfers of every skill level. There are tremendous benefits to golfing that should motivate anyone to get out there and swing the club. At Ironhorse, the view alone is worth the exertion. The following are some of the terrific benefits of golfing:

  • Your vision could be improved as you focus on distant targets on the range. Golfers in motion must also visualize and focus, which gives the eyes a healthy workout. Since most of us spend a good portion of each day looking at small screens, this advantage could be especially important.
  • Being with new and old friends in a structured environment, such as a golf course, is an excellent way to make strong connections that contribute to a longer, healthier life.
  • You burn approximately 1,442 calories carrying your clubs through an 18-hole course that is basically on level ground. Pulling along a pull golf caddy burns almost the same number of calories. Even if you ride a golf cart, you burn 822 calories.
  • The workout you get playing golf is ideal for improving heart health.
  • Playing golf can help to keep your mind sharp, since it’s an activity similar to solving challenging puzzles.
  • Between the exercise on the golf course, the time spent in nature, and social interaction, golfing is a stress reliever.

Country Club

Off the golf course, there are plenty of things to do, such as the following:

  • Play tennis in a wonderful program led by pro Julian Alonso and his team;
  • Swim in our resort-style pool, which is heated year-around;
  • Enjoy the delicious fare served in the club restaurant;
  • Exercise in our top-of-the-line Fitness Center; and
  • Schedule a private special event in one of our event rooms.

Call Ironhorse Country Club

Contact Ironhorse Country Club, the premiere West Palm Beach country club, to claim one of the limited number of memberships available. Call Membership Director Audry Longo at 561-227-3970.