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Ironhorse Country Club is your Wellington private golf course with a spectacular golf course plus other exceptional activities to keep you fit. Merely belonging to this wonderful society of individuals through one of our four memberships has life benefits and golfing has benefits you may not be aware of. You will get a lot out of being a part of Ironhorse, whether you have a Full Golf Membership, Young Professional Membership, Sports Membership, or Social Membership. With all that golf has to offer, we highly recommend getting in on enjoyment of our 72-par Arthur Hills golf course.

Benefits of BelongingWellington Private Golf Course 561-624-5550

Being a part of Ironhorse is packed with benefits, including the fact the entire facility was completely renovated between 2015 and 2016. There is a youthful vibe, and it’s a place where you are known by name by virtually everyone. There are tremendous benefits to being part of this private club, and some are physical and mental health benefits that have nothing to do with working out in our state-of-the-art Fitness Center:

  • You get a boost in overall mental health by identifying with and being part of a like-minded group.
  • Whatever is going on in your life, there is a reduced risk of suffering from depression or anxiety when you are part of a social club.
  • You can expect increased confidence, when you are part of a high-status group, such as fellow members at Ironhorse.
  • There could be tremendous business advantages when you make connections at a Wellington private country club.

Benefits of Golfing

One of the exciting opportunities afforded members of Ironhorse Country Club is access to golf on our renowned golf course. This course has balance, offers challenge, and inspires ongoing interest. You don’t have to be a contender for spots in a golf tour to enjoy terrific benefits from golfing. Advantages golfers enjoy include:

  • Burning calories. By walking an 18-hole course and carrying your own golf bag, you can burn up to 2,000, depending on the golf course terrain and weather.
  • Strengthen core muscles. Walking with your golf bag on your shoulder contributes to good posture and strengthened core muscles.
  • Vitamin D. The vitamin D you absorb from sunlight is important for your body, promoting hearth health and bone growth. Being out in the sun can also help to reduce anxiety.
  • Heart health. Our hearts routinely need just the kind of workout a golf game can give.
  • Mental Challenge. Playing golf is a good mental exercise. Much like working challenging puzzles, it can help keep the mind sharp.

Country Club

When you’re not on the golf course at Ironhorse, you can participate in:

  • A fabulous tennis program headed by pro Julian Alonso and team;
  • Exercise in our state-of-the-art Fitness Center;
  • Swimming in our resort-style swimming pool; and
  • Private special events scheduled for one of our two event rooms.

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The many benefits of joining Ironhorse Country Club, a Wellington private golf course, are worth more than the cost of membership. Learn more from Audry Longo, our Membership Director, at 561-227-3970.