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Types of Golf Clubs and Their Uses That You Need To Know

Golf is a recreational sport that can help players to improve their backswing and if you are interested in this sport then you will need to understand the different types of golf clubs and their uses. The different types of golf clubs include the woods, irons, wedges and putters as these are especially designed for specific kind of shots and multiple uses. The differences of these clubs are primarily based on the basis of shape and size of their heads, the lifts and length of shaft.

This includes driver and fairway woods that are 3-wood and/or 5-wood, 4-wood which is common wood and 11-wood that is used for few golfers. This kind of golf club includes deep club heads made of any metal like titanium alloy or steel but is known as woods as the club heads are made of wood. It is used for swing and using fairway wood is for beginners so that they can play the game easily as it helps in getting the ball up into air. The use of woods is for striking the ball either on upswing or at bottom swing as drivers and fairway woods can be used for this purpose.

It is the golf club that is used for striking the ball and making it fly high in air before it lands on the surface and this is the reason why this club is lofted higher than the other clubs. There are different types of wedges which include gap wedges, sand wedges, pitching wedges and lob wedges that are used for different purposes. The club heads are known to have different amounts of bounce as it is the quality that produces the angle and thickness of sole of club for playing golf. Hence players can use different wedges for different bounce angles and lofts for using from variety of distances as well as lie conditions.

This type of golf club is used for hitting shots from fairway to green as it is thin on front and back which imparts spin on the golf ball and it is made from iron which is the reason why it is known as irons. Blades and cavity back are the kind of irons where blade style is full back on rear of head while in cavity back the rear is hollowed out and has convex face. Irons are long and short which are used for chipping shots and the selection should be based on the preference of the players.

These are golf clubs without loft and bounce angles, it 32-36 inches in length but have two striking faces, grip cross sections and bent shafts that comes with metal or plastic inserts for giving a smooth feel so that the ball can roll more smoothly. Putters are the most commonly used golf club in the game which is used on putting green or areas around green known as fringe. It helps in promoting roll of the ball rather than skidding of the impact as it is known as an integral part of the game.