Top 5 Golf Courses for your Bucket List

If you are a serious golfer, you are just the kind of person who can appreciate an unforgettable golf course. Have you made your golf course bucket list yet? You’ve got to make the list to make it happen. Whether you tend to love a golf course because of historical value, exclusivity, beauty, difficulty, or uniqueness, one of these suggestions should probably be on your golf course bucket list.

 Top 5 Golf Courses For Your Bucket List: How Many Have You Checked Off Your List?

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Historical Value

Old Course at St. Andrews Links in Scotland is the birthplace of golf and the world’s oldest course. Since the early 15th century, people have played on the land. There was a period, however, during which golfing was banned by King James of Scotland because it was disruptive to the focus on archery. There are numerous landmarks and famous features of Old Course, including 700-year-old Swilcan Bridge, which stretches between the 1st and 18th holes.


You’ve set your sights high, if you are looking to play one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world. These are places even the greats, such as Jack Nicklaus, might be turned away. Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, is home of The Masters. Though the entire world is welcome for four days every year for this infamous tournament, it retreats into anonymity for virtually the entire remainder of the time. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, was not allowed to become a member for years because the man publically stated his desire to join. Eventually, he got in. Maybe you could, too.


Pebble Beach Golf Links was the only entry to be unanimously chosen in a prestigious World’s Most Beautiful Golf Courses vote. Fortunately for golf lovers everywhere, this is a public golf course. You can stand where golf history was made at every hole. Some of the most prestigious tournaments have been held at Pebble Beach Golf Links, including five U.S. Open Championships, with the sixth scheduled for 2019. It is also home to the annual AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.


The Oakmont Country Club golf course was designed by Henry Fownes, and his goal in its creation was: pain. The course has been around for a century, and it is still widely considered the most punishing golf course in the United States. Some of the best golfers in the game have had double bogies at Oakmont. Two features that make it a grueling course are: Rough that you can get tangled in and greens that are wicked tough and at the same time magnificent.


Brickyard Crossing Golf Course is as unique as golf courses come. It was built by famed golf course architect Pete Dye, and it encompasses a racetrack at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. On this public course, which is open every day of the week, there are 4 holes inside the oval race track and 14 holes adjacent to the racetrack on the backstretch. Even pricing is sometimes unique. During a “Pay the Temperature” promotion, green fees cost whatever the air temperature was at the time players arrived. The course has hosted the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and other events. It has also received numerous distinctions, including being named one of the 12 Best Value Golf Courses in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine.

These are five bucket-list-worthy golf courses. The great news is that there are many hundreds more that you might choose as a destination golf course while you’re still alive and swinging.

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