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Top 3 Guidelines To Hit The Perfect Bunker Shot In Golf

One of the most irritating shots that is often played on a golf course is the bunker shot where the golf ball lands into a sand bunker after the tee off. However, it is important not to panic in case you have to deal with this situation while enjoying your golf. You need to consider several golf bunk shot tips in case you want to achieve success while playing the sport.

It is important to understand how to hit a golf ball out of a bunker but the situation can become worse if the ball happens to land in a fairway sand trap. Fortunately, you will come across several techniques that can be implemented for different sand bunkers and lies. Below are the top 3 golf bunk shot tips.

1. Avoid swaying to the left
You should not sway to your left while hitting a bunker shot. Try to imagine that you’re in a tube where it is only possible to turn or swivel. For this reason, it is important to turn your body while making the shot. You can always check out whether everything is okay by standing in the sun with your back and your shadow in front of you. After placing a piece of cord along the shadow’s axis on the ground, bisect the shadow of your head over that cord and swing the golf club while you’re observing the shadow. Try to rotate your body without making any movement on your left side.

2. Verify the position of the ball
The majority of us are aware of the fact that while making a bunk shot the sand is usually hit at first which eventually helps the ball to move out of a particular bunker. Although it is not known exactly what distance should be hit behind that golf ball, in most cases anywhere between 2 to 5 inches is going to be effective although it will depend on the type of the sand as well as the player. The ideal position of the ball for a bunk shot is going to be even with your left arm pit which will enable the head of the golf club to go inside the sand prior to the bottom of your swing. Consequently, the club is going to hit the ball a bit behind and this will result in a much better bunker shot. It would be a wise decision to put down a club which will help to make certain that the ball has been placed even with your left arm pit.

3. Never target the sand
A lot of golfers tend to hit the sand which usually makes the club dig into it resulting in inconsistent shots. However, this action is not at all correct and your target should be where you will be hitting the golf ball instead of the sand. You should practice your swings a lot and also feel the club swinging freely through the sand and eventually to your target. During this action, the club is going to thump the sand rather than digging it which will lead to much better bunker shots.

With all of these tips in mind, you need to confirm the position of the ball, avoid swaying to your left and also stay away from making the sand your target in order to hit solid bunk shots. Try to stick to these guidelines and you will definitely achieve success while enjoying the sport.