Tips On Becoming A Better Golfer

All golfers want that easy fix to get better at their game. Some sign up for golf lessons. Others go and join new expensive golf clubs. Golf lessons are terrific, but why are you still stuck? New golf clubs are fantastic, but why aren’t you making any progress? Fortunately, there are less expensive steps you can take to improve your game immediately. Here are 7 expert tips that I am glad to share with you.

1. Get into a proper finish position.
If you get your swing right, you will end up in a terrific pose. To do this, you must have had a good rhythm and momentum while taking your strike. If you become more keen about how your posture feels after every shot, you will be staggered how much progress you will make.

2. Conserve your energy
Golf is a physically demanding sport. Research has shown that a golfer walks about six and a half miles in one round. A golfer should work on fitness, drink enough water and observe proper nutrition always for peak performance. During a round, you should not overthink, or you will wear out mentally and lose concentration when it matters. Also, get yourself a lighter club trolley for less strain.

3. Work on Clubface Alignment
One of the most controversial topics in golf is alignment. Should you align your feet at the target? Or is it the entire body that should face the mark? What you should pay attention to is the clubface. It should be set behind the ball and aligned to the target before you get into position.

4. Work with the wind
A common mistake that golfers make is to ignore the effect of the wind on their shot. Regardless of the quality of your hits, the wind will always have its way. Experienced golfers know how to adjust their swings to the magnitude and direction of the wind. When winds are high, maybe it is more convenient to strike a fade shot.

5. Improve your vision
Your eyes need to be in proper condition to aim successfully. They also have to coordinate well with each other. Go for eye checkups regularly and take care of them for improved performance.

6. Work with a plan 
Swinging without a plan is a bad habit that you must avoid at the range. You need to put more purpose into your sessions by having a roadmap. Set targets and change your clubs regularly and appropriately for each strike. Top golf players play with a plan and use a variety of clubs for every ball.

7. Practice your stance and swings.
The secret to getting better at anything is practice. Practice your stance by testing various body angles to arrive at the best one for you. Also, improve your swing motion by making as many swings as you can at home. Swinging does not require a lot of space. 

There you have seven steps you can take to improve your game immediately. Being part of a fantastic golf club will also significantly improve your skill and give you a better golfing experience. If you live or are visiting the West Palm Beach, Florida area and want the ultimate country club experience with a beautiful golf course we highly recommend The Preserve at Ironhorse. This members only country club also features tennis courts, fitness center, social events and much more. For membership info contact them today at (561) 624-5550.