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Tips On How To Get Backspin On The Golf Ball

There are several factors to be considered on how to put backspin on golf shots.

1. The kind of golf ball being used.
There are two types of golf balls; the two layer or the hardcover and core and the multilayer or the soft cover and core. The former is similar to range balls, and the later is the one being used by tour pros. Hard balls will tend to spin less than balls with a softer core.

2. Wind direction.
Another thing to consider is the wind direction. Getting the golf ball to backspin can be expected if the wind blows against the target than when the wind is behind you.

3. Golf club condition.
To impart more golf shot backspin, your irons particularly your wedges’ grooves should be clean and free from dirt. Wedges with rough or rusty faces will spin the ball more than wedges with smoother faces.

4. Are the greens soft or hard?
How to add backspin to your golf ball will all depend on the condition of the green. It is easier to put a spin on softer greens than on hard ones.

5. The condition of the lie.
Creating backspin on a golf shot is more possible if your ball sits on the fairway because the ball is more exposed to the face of your club. When the ball is in the rough with tall grass lying in wait, it is harder to generate friction thus reducing the amount of golf shot backspin you can make.

Golf Lesson How to Create Backspin:

First, address the ball in the middle or closer to the back foot (foot farthest to the target) with an open stance and putting more of your weight on your front foot and your hands should be ahead of the ball. Maintain your weight on the front foot on the backswing with your left shoulder facing the target. Swing the club back on a straight path so as to deliver a downward striking of the ball. Remember to keep your body quiet while keeping your arms and hands in front of your body.

Maintain your hands in front of the ball at impact, hitting the ball first before hitting the ground. One thing to remember is unlike hitting the driver or wood clubs; the trailing arm should not roll over the leading arm, meaning to say that you do not release the club. Instead, rotate your entire body and let your wedge travel up with the toe of the club facing the sky. In getting the golf ball to backspin, maintain good acceleration and club head speed.

Practice your backspin shots regularly. Start with taking slow swings in front of a mirror to check that you are making the correct moves. After mastering the proper techniques, implement it on the golf course little by little until such time that it becomes automatic to you. This won’t happen overnight. It will take diligence, perseverance and the desire to learn to elicit the oohs from bewildered golfing buddies that you can now be compared to professional golfers putting backspin on a golf ball.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]