The Benefits of Joining a Country Club

Many people want a getaway where they can take their family and find time to get some quality recreation without being surrounded by people they don’t like. For many families, the country club provides just that. Many people believe that a membership at one is reserved only for the rich and famous. This following information explains why everyone can benefit from joining a country club.

First of all, the country club usually provides a great opportunity to get out and golf. If you have never taken the opportunity go out to the golfing green and hit a few balls, you will be amazed at how relaxing and fun it can be. The advantage of golfing at a club’s course is they will take better care of the course. Maintenance at a golf course is a huge problem, and since your club dues help support this maintenance, most clubs are better able to care for theirs.

Another reason that joining a country club is beneficial is you will have access to all the amenities that the club provides. For example, if your son or daughter gets married, you will have the ability to rent out the club’s hall as a reception area. They may charge a fee for this, but it will not be nearly as expensive as if you were not a member. This advantage can be used for many occasions such as bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, parties and more. The longer you stay a member of a country club the more advantages you will find in your membership.

Private clubs are harder to get into because they are not structured around a hobby or profession. These are largely social and can be exclusive. Just because you have things in common with the other members does not mean that you are going to get in. Instead, you have to apply for membership and be accepted by every other member of the club.

Applying for membership isn’t always that simple. For some country clubs, the membership process can involve an interview by board members. If you have a sponsor, this is a great time for him or her to intercede on your behalf. Before the voting process, the sponsor can go around to see if there is sufficient support for you to get in.

You can’t push for entry into a private club. Your best bet is to wait for a friend of yours who is a member to offer to sponsor you. If you are not getting an invitation as quickly as you’d like, you can drop a subtle hint about being interested in joining.

Be cautious even leaving the most subtle of hints. This practice can fail unless your friend is completely ready to help you and sponsor you this can be very embarrassing for you both. It can even hurt your friendship.

Instead, you need to assess your standing with your friend. Check to see what the friend thinks of you, subtly of course, before you ask your friend to sponsor you.

You are looking for enthusiasm. Ideally, your friend will be wholeheartedly willing to help you get into the club. If this is the case, proceed. If your friend’s reaction is even a bit negative, you probably want to back off.

Exclusivity and tee-time availability are assured at The Preserve at Ironhorse, where a limited number of memberships are available. You will have opportunities to develop lasting friendships in a friendly community where everyone knows your name.

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