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Tennis Volley Tips

Achieving the best volley technique shots in tennis takes a couple of good tips and lots of practice. Many hit the volley at the service line or close to the net. Acquiring a good net game will also help to improve your volleys. If you’re not a gifted tennis volley player, the following volley technique tricks are of the utmost importance to you. Train always. Keep repeating the route to the net. Get your volley safety. Watch for small steps and your balance. Here we go!

# 1 Realize the right situation

Do not just run blindly forward. You have to train your gaze for game situations. See where your opponent is. Once the ball leaves your clothing, you must be able to assess whether your own punch was good enough to follow this on the net. Your opponent should be on the defensive. He should react rather than act. Also, perfecting your grip is key to both forehand and backhand volleys. Many prefer forehand volleys as they are easier and allow for more reach. A continental grip is usually best and recommended for hitting the ball with either type of volley.

# 2 Do not be a bumblebee

Huge, best yet uncontrolled steps on the way to the net are the number one killer for your volley. And so for your entire network game. By taking these big steps, you’re depriving yourself of control over the game situation. Use small, fast steps. Similar to your strokes from the baseline. You have to be ready to stop or change your direction at any time to accept the incoming ball, especially a drop shot. This is not possible with big steps.

# 3 Take the right path

“Follow Your Strike, Marco” – My former coach was very keen that his charges follow his own attack ball. Make sure you do not just go after your preparatory stroke. Many move forward in the middle – they want to cover the net. Some also run in a certain direction. Because they think that their opponent will play in this very corner. But the correct thing is simply to follow the direction of your attack stroke. In this way, you shorten the angle for your opponent.

# 4 Be ready – the ready jump

Split-Step, or the ready jump, is your key to a clean volley. But when do you have to do this? And: why do you have to do this at all? Try to hit a forehand volley out of your run without stopping. You will make contact with the ball. But where that is going to go will make you anything but happy. Stand. Beat. And this also applies to your volley. The split-step is there to get you into the stroke position for the volley. Everything else before was just the preparation. Your opponent is taking off. The timing of your split step is just before your opponent hits the ball. So you can start with the split step as soon as your opponent finishes the stroke for his stroke.

# 5 Focus on the ball

You are now on the net. Or at least nearby. Your angle has changed. You have to look more closely at the ball now. Many players do not do this. And meet the volley on the frame. Or inaccurate – and thus lose control. Your eye should now focus razor-sharp on the ball. Only if you really see the ball, you will play a great volley and hit the ball. Try to see how the ball turns. What a twist he has. How fast he is. Try to think through lightning-fast how the ball would “feel” on your clothing.

# 6 Become Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke could pull his revolver faster than his own shadow. For a good volley, you have to be at least as fast as Lucky Luke – when it comes to turning your upper body slightly. It’s a short, fast movement. But an important one. Depending on whether you play a forehand or backhand volley, you have to turn in the upper body briefly in the right direction. Keeping your momentum and body weight forward will also allow you to hit your best volley.

# 7 Use your shield

Hold your bat like a shield in front of you. Vertical up, stable in the wrist. At any time ready for the attack of the opponent. If you move to the net while your bat is dangling somewhere next to your leg somewhere in your hitting hand, you will not be able to play a good volley. Rackets up. In front of your chest. Stable in your hand.

Now it is time to practice your volley in tennis. If you want your next shot at a quality volley, The Preserve at Ironhorse not only provides a perfect setting but also offers expert tennis lessons to become the best tennis player you want to be if you want to hit great volleys. This members only country club is located in West Palm Beach, Florida and features tennis courts, golf course, swimming pool, gym and lots of social activities to meet and bond with friends. For membership info contact them today at (561) 624-5550.