Tennis Tips for Beginners

Tennis Tips for Beginners -

Tennis is an amazing sport to play. It is challenging, fun, and at the same time, it allows you to enjoy a complete body workout and thus enjoy health benefits. However, if you will just start playing this sport, you may be confused about what and how to do. So, to make things easier for you, given below are 5 helpful tennis tips for beginners that will
get you started right away.

1. Find a good coach
Before you move to the court with your racket, you first need to find a coach to guide you right from the start. You need an instructor who will demonstrate footwork and basic techniques to play the sport. You may have been observing the sport for a very long time, yet you need to pay full attention to and follow what your coach says. Remember,
watching the game and playing it are two completely different things.

2. Maintain a loose grip
Usually, when a beginner first holds the racket, they clutch the racket really hard. However, if you maintain a very hard or stiff grip you will experience unnecessary pressure on the wrist, and snapping down and accelerating your ball will become difficult. This is something you are more likely to experience during kick/spin serves. So, what you need to do is maintain a loose grip when holding the racket.

3. Practice, practice, practice
Tennis is such a sport where you can improve every day. This is, in fact, something that every player finds rewarding and exciting. More the time you invest in practicing more will be your growth. So, the third tip for beginners is to practice as much as you can. Whatever you learn from your instructor you need to move to the court and practice the same, and your game will surely improve each day. Always remember, there are no
shortcuts as far as learning to play tennis is concerned.

4. Physical training and fitness must never be avoided
Before you begin with your practice session, you first must warm up your body. Running and stretching helps make your body ready for the practice sessions. They can also help prevent any injuries from occurring. You can plan any warm-up routine that you will follow every time you are on the court.

5. Can’t find an opponent, no worries
If you are unable to find an opponent to play with, you still can continue with your practice using the wall. A wall serves as a perfect opponent no matter what the experience level of the player may be. Walls return each ball you hit. You may hit serves, groundstroke, and even practice footwork.

So these are 5 tennis tips for beginners that you can start following right from now. Always remember that your learning experience will be full of highs and lows. You may not play well on some days, but rather than getting discouraged, you need to understand the problem, fix it, and play better the next time. With more and more practice, you will step closer and closer towards perfection.