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Tennis Singles Strategy Tips

Tennis is one of the much loved outdoor sports games in America today. Tennis can be played both as a singles or a doubles game. The best thing about a singles game is that it gives the player the best platform to learn and work on improving their tennis skills. 

Tennis singles game is a one on one game with a single partner. In order to be good at the singles game, you will need to learn a few strategies to help you shine on the tennis court. Here a few strategies that will definitely work for you: 

Strategy 1: Have full command of all shots. These include deep, crosscourt and down the line shots. This puts your opponent on a defensive position.

Strategy 2: Try to reduce errors. This reduces your likelihood to donate points to your opponent thus increasing your chances of winning

Strategy 3: Relax. Pressure and tension will definitely affect the way you play the game. You can miss a shot or commit an error just because you were overthinking your move or have lost focus because of other thoughts. 

Strategy 4: Always elevate your shots 10 – 20 feet higher than the net. This helps in neutralizing your position. When under pressure remember to increase your topspin and the loop of your shots.

Strategy 5: When it comes to pushers and dinkers, patience is the key. Resist the temptation to hit the ball hard back to your opponent as this mostly results in errors. Try to play differently from your opponent every time. 

Strategy 6: Know your opponent’s weak hand and focus on making plays towards it. Remember this can work both ways, so should you have a great forehand and a weak backhand do not let your opponent use their strength. Try to anticipate the next shot’s power and direction. 

Strategy 7: One of the best strategies that work all the time is the diagonal crosscourt forehand. Let this be your asset in all of your tennis singles games. 

Strategy 8: Be confident in yourself and avoid any risky shots. Hit the right shots only using high percentage plays at the right time. 

Strategy 9: Preparation is yet another strategy that you should use. Have a proper game plan for your match in good time before you play. This helps in avoiding sudden changes in strategies as you play that might greatly affect the way you play negatively. 

Strategy 10: Never stay in one position or stand still during a match. Move forward and keep moving in order to attain body the balance of your body after every shot. 

These tennis singles strategy tips are geared to change your game for the better. They are quite simple but give positive results.

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