Tennis Doubles Strategies For The Win

In doubles tennis, you need to be a more cautious when you play. Why do you ask? That’s because in a tennis doubles game, getting four people to play on the court implies getting less number of ‘safe’ spots to hit returns. Now, unsafe returns provide control to your opponent. Just like other sport tennis doubles need co-ordination and team work to win the game too. To win the doubles then the quote is usually ‘Play for the teammate.’

If you would like to play doubles tennis and if you want to improve your performance, then it is crucial that you learn its essential strategies and techniques as much as you can. It’s vital to keep in mind that a tennis player that performs appropriately in the singles tennis match might not play brilliantly in this kind of match.

Listed below are some Tennis doubles strategy and tips on how you can play a winning doubles game:

Doubles tennis tip #1:
Try to learn the game visually. Just watch it on Television and learn from the mistakes as well as brilliant plays of the tennis players.

Doubles tennis tip #2:
Do not let a ball to go down the middle of the court. One of the most significant strategies is not to give the opponent a chance to get shot down the middle. Now, both the tennis players have to go in the ball’s direction. The tennis partner has to overplay through the middle well.

Doubles tennis tip #3:
You should restrict your movements during your game. Sometimes you may be missing shots. An excellent tennis strategy has to be in a balanced position as the ball is hit by the opponent rather than moving. In a balanced position, you’ll be better able to easily judge the incoming ball position.

Doubles tennis tip #4:
Also, a good tennis strategy means having full control over any service. The service winner or service ace can really be an offensive doubles point. If you can serve properly, you score a point for yourself too. Another big offensive tennis strategy is a great serve that is hit a bit weakly by the returner. A server can easily put it away by angling or by crunching it.

Doubles tennis tip #5:
Another good defensive tennis strategy here is to hit a return which is hard to hit solidly for the serving team. Therefore you have the chance to just hit the return and even score a point. You can also hit the ball in such a manner that you out your serving team on the defensive as well as gain the control of your game.

Now, these tennis tips can’t only assist a beginner, but also a professional who is looking to improve his or her tennis strategies. As far as the valuable tips are strictly followed, there are fewer chances of mistake since a doubles tennis game could get confusing sometimes. This is why it is important to make sure that players on both teams have robust communication and can also predict precisely the next move of their teammate.