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Tennis Backhand Tips

Tennis backhand is one of the most popular shots that players practice as a dependable tennis stroke in the field. It involves mastering unique skills and combining various components to master and make it a great tennis stroke that can always help you to win your games as a professional tennis player. To learn all the skills, you must learn about tennis backhand tips to improve your game even if you feel that you have a talent and you don’t require training. To improve your backhand, you need to add skills through learning and training even more.

One Handed Backhand vs Two Handed Backhand

Different tennis players use the two popular backhand grip techniques which include two handed backhand or a tennis one handed backhand. Every player can learn drills that help them in playing tennis that will enable them to deliver the best tennis shots. It is the least played technique making it weaker than the forehand technique, whether their dominant hand is left handed or right. You will be able to improve the technique through repeating and adequate practice. Improving your non dominant hand, such as your left hand if you are right handed, will help you to protect your left side and better your two handed technique and two handed backhand grip. You will also wan to work on your backhand side to improve your backhand. This enables you to improve on accuracy, power, and ability to achieve topspin when playing tennis. You usually use the backhand technique in baseline rallies and in approach shots.

Continuous Backhand

One of the major keys to learning the technique is to master the continuous tennis backhand. This requires you to be flexible so that you can effectively generate power and the necessary rotation speed required to hit a classic, powerful and heavy backhand and hit the ball that will be a challenge for your opponent to touch.

Feel Free

The next key is to feel free with an open stance and let the tennis backhand come along with the ride. Let your body to initiate backswing on the backhand where your hands and the racket will only do the least work in taking the racket back thus making the work of the hands to only guide the racket in a compact and simple motion but deliver a powerful backhand shot that will just confuse your opponent. 

Your feet should be turning sideways thus initiating the preparation of the coil that would take the tennis backhand shot thus your feet should do the most if you hold the racquet back to hit a backhand shot towards the net.

Follow Through

The 3rd key for delivering the tennis backhand technique requires you to make a clear contact and extend outwards with the racket and the arm in the direction to which the ball is intended. It’s the follow-through phase of the backhand where you apply the full force with full extension of the hand and the arm following the line of the shot to deliver the most desirable full fluid backhand shot that will take your opponent down.

The swing happens so fast where you need to make a good extension of the hand and the racket to deliver a stunning shot where most of the people will fail to capture the major components of the backhand shot in real-time. Every enthusiast tennis player should always strive to improve every facet of their tennis game.

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