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Summertime In The Palm Beaches

In the magical month of May, the population in South Florida starts to taper as seasonal residents begin to make their way to different tropical locales for the summer. Why would anyone ever wish to leave the yearlong paradise of the Sunshine State one may wonder? Despite the heat being a bit heavy if you’re not prepared or as acclimated, living in the Palm Beaches in the summertime is incredibly enjoyable.


Though hurricane season kicks into effect in June, there are still plenty of beach days to take advantage of. Beaches and parks are suddenly more breathtaking when there aren’t as many people blocking your view to the calming ocean waves. Also, with more available real estate on the sand, spontaneous chances for group beach picnics, sports and other activities may suddenly become more of an actual reality than they were earlier in the year. With the weather in South Florida being primarily sunny during summer, opportunities for outdoor activities are endless.


Some of the nation’s best and top-rated restaurants call the Palm Beaches their home. Many travel to the area specifically to dine at certain establishments. During peak season in the winter and spring, reservations can be difficult to secure due to the large number of people trying to fight for the same seats that you may be. However, in the summer, it becomes a bit easier to finally see what all the fuss was about. Most restaurants even offer exclusive dining menus, discounts and options that were not accessible before the summer. The best time to check out that new restaurant everyone is buzzing about or to find a new favorite is definitely in the summer.

Entertainment And Shopping

With the weather being so ideal in the Palm Beaches in the summer, it’s logical that there would be lots of fun things available to do. Multiple downtown areas like Delray Beach, West Palm Beach Jupiter and Ft. Lauderdale offer outdoor concerts and events, some even free! Summer is also the best time to shop in South Florida. As shops begin to trickle in warmer fall items, summer items get discounted. What better reason to justify that swimsuit purchase other than a deep discount? Bonus that you can wear it immediately.

Better Rates And Discounts

Since summer is not peak visitor season, this makes it an ideal time to soak up some sun in the Palm Beaches. The majority of South Florida hotels, spas, restaurants and resorts offer some sort of incentive in the summer.

The possibilities to craft your ideal experience while visiting the Palm Beaches in the summertime are endless. If you are looking for a new way to fill your day, The Preserve at Ironhorse is a fantastic option. With a lush golf course, multiple tennis courts and other family friendly facilities, The Preserve at Ironhorse is an optimal way to spend a summer’s day in South Florida. For more info about their memberships, contact them today at 561-624-5550