Singer Island Country Club

Ironhorse Country Club Is The Nearby Singer Island Country Club          

Ironhorse Country Club is a Singer Island country club with limited memberships, a rousing golf course, a neighboring nature preserve, and much more. Activities to keep fit, have fun, and enjoy belonging to a group of like-minded individuals abound at Ironhorse. The entire facility has recently been completely renovated, including all new Celebration Bermadgrass installed in 2015. Benefits of belonging include many opportunities to keep fit and advantages related to being part of a group.

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Belonging is a fundamental component of well-being and happiness, according to experts. These studies don’t hang on experiences of those who have a multitude of Facebook friends. Instead, belonging is really about physically being a part of a group, and Ironhorse is a place where everyone knows your name. Potentially surprising benefits of memberships in our Singer Island country club include the following:

  • Connections made in a private club can have far-reaching benefits in the business world.
  • It is good for your mental health to identify with a group of social peers.
  • You will enjoy improved self-esteem as a member of a high-status group such as the individuals at Ironhorse.
  • By identifying in person with a group of fellow members, there is a reduced risk that you will experience depression or anxiety.

Private Golf Course

For golf enthusiasts, hitting balls around on the beautiful golf course at Ironhorse is all the escape from daily stressors a person needs. Our 72-par golf course is full of interest and variety and has balance that makes it an enjoyment to golfers of every skill level. Famed Arthur Hill designed the course, and it is made even more appealing by the surrounding preserve.

Private Country Club

There are four membership levels and plenty for members to do, no matter which type of limited membership you are enrolled in. Details of access are determined by whether you have a Full Golf Membership, Young Professional Membership, Sports Membership, or Social Membership. Country club activities include the following:

  • Tennis pro Julian Alonso and his team set the tone for social and competitive play on the tennis courts at Ironhorse. Players of different skill levels are appropriately matched. An excitement for tennis is fostered in the 10 and Under tennis program, which is also an activity that keeps children safe and busy when parents are occupied elsewhere.
  • The state-of-the-art equipment in our Fitness Center can be used while you enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding golf course and preserve. Screens are also available, including individual screens on cardio equipment.
  • We have a resort-style swimming pool that is warmed year-around. Aerobics classes are perfect for anyone desiring to stay fit while keeping pressure off of the knees and other joints, and the classes are included with at all membership levels.
  • Members can schedule special events in either of our two event rooms. The beautiful landscape provides a stunning backdrop for weddings, bridal showers, family celebrations, ladies’ luncheons, dances, and more.

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Ironhorse Country Club is the premiere Singer Island country club and could be the ideal place for you to experience all of the benefits of belonging. Contact Membership Director Audry Longo today at 561-227-3970.