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Ironhorse Country Club is a Palm Beach County private golf course that offers tremendous social and health benefits. Our facilities have been fully renovated, including new Celebration Bermudagrass on the golf course. Limited memberships are available, including our Full Golf Membership, Young Professional Membership, Sports Membership, and Social Membership.

Benefits of GolfingPalm Beach County Private Golf Course 561-624-5550

Golfing is a pleasure for players at all skill levels at Ironhorse. We have a 72-par golf course designed by renowned Arthur Hills. The course has balance and offers variety and challenge. Even duffers should make a habit of enjoying golf, considering that the sport offers the following benefits and more:

  • Golfing is a heart-healthy activity.
  • Plenty of calories are burned, no matter how you get around the golf course. If you carry your own clubs, you will burn between 1400 and 2,000 calories. Pulling your clubs on a cart burns approximately 1,440 calories. Even if you ride a golf cart, you can expect to burn more than 800 calories.
  • Playing golf is comparable to solving a puzzle. It helps to keep your mind sharp.
  • Stress contributes to many serious health problems. Because it involves exercise, spending time in nature, and social interaction, golfing helps to reduce stress.
  • Playing golf is good for your eyesight. When focusing down the field and then on the ball, the eyes get a good workout, which strengthens vision.

Advantages of Belonging

When you are a member at Ironhorse, a Palm Beach County private golf course, you belong to a place where everyone knows your name. There are proven benefits to belonging to a group of like-minded individuals. The following are some of the advantages of country club membership:

  • People who are part of a group that shares similar lifestyle preferences get an overall boost in mental health.
  • You could experience an increase in self-confidence, as part of a high-status group.
  • You have a reduced risk of suffering from anxiety or depression, by belonging in a social club.
  • You may also gain business advantages through the friends and connections you make at Ironhorse.

Country Club

There are plenty of healthful activities to become involved in at Ironhorse, in addition to golf, including the following:

  • The tennis program, with pro Julian Alonso and his team, is an ideal place for tennis lovers. Participants are matched with others of similar skill levels for social and competitive play. There is a program for 10 and Under which keeps children occupied and safe while parents are otherwise occupied, and participation also fosters love of the sport.
  • The resort-style pool is heated year-around. Aerobics classes are included in every membership package.
  • Our newly renovated Fitness Room has top-quality equipment and a sweeping view of the surrounding golf course.

Contact our Membership Director

If you are interested in learning more about Ironhorse Country Club, the premiere Palm Beach County private golf course, contact Membership Director Audry Longo today at 561-227-3970.