Palm Beach Country Club Golf Etiquette

Palm Beach Country Club Golf Etiquette

Practicing good Palm Beach Country Club golf etiquette is what good golfers do. Unfortunately, many low-handicap players habitually ignore these basic rules. Golf course maintenance is more or less expensive, depending on the conduct of players. Many quality golf courses have fallen into rapid decline as a direct result of costs associated with carelessness on the part of players. Everyone benefits from the steadfast conduct of good golfers. So, the big question is: How to be a good golfer, regardless of handicap? The following are some basic rules of golf course etiquette.


Of course, a divot is a piece of turf cut out of the ground by the stroke of a golf club. A typical question golfers ask is whether divots should be replaced. The best option is to fill the divot hole with material provided by maintenance staff, which is usually sand. If the divot has plenty of soil attached, it also makes sense to replace it. The divot dries out quickly, if there is no soil; and during the next mowing, it will be pulled out of the ground.


The first rule in etiquette taught to many players new to golf is to rake sand traps or bunkers, repairing divots and smoothing footprints. It is a real discourtesy to other golfers, to neglect this task. Not only does the sand need to be raked, but it needs to be done correctly, so that the shallow sand is distributed as evenly as possible. Also, always enter and exit a bunker from the low side, rather than trying to climb out, which causes damage to bunker liners and the bordering grass.

Ball Marks

Poor ball mark repair is a common point of debate, as regards golfing etiquette. There are even disagreements among golf course superintendents, as far as the best way to restore smoothness after removing a ball mark. However, it is generally agreed that gently pushing from the sides and, as needed, gently lifting a compressed area is the best practice. Never twist the grass aggressively.

Golf Carts

Improper use of golf carts is the number one cause of damage to a golf course. To prevent damage: never drive too close to greens; stay on golf paths; pay heed to painted lines, signs, and ropes; avoid wet areas; and don’t drive on the banks of tees.

More Golf Etiquette Tips

Practicing good Palm Beach Country Club golf etiquette, regardless of handicap should be the goal of every player. Every missed step can mean additional expense for golf course maintenance and diminished enjoyment of the game among other golfers. The little things count, including the following:

  • If a rope stake or sign has been knocked down, replace it. This helps to prevent damage to the course and keeps it looking neat.
  • Do not overfill trash containers because doing so can result in waste blowing across the golf course.
  • Broken tees can cause costly damage to mower reels; pick them up and properly dispose of them.
  • Place bunker rakes where they belong.
  • Avoid making divots when practicing your swing.
  • Avoid driving your cart directly behind other carts.

Your behavior as a good golfer will serve as an example others will follow. Leaving the golf course better than you found it also means you can look forward to continued enjoyment at your favorite courses or at the golf course you’re a member of. As a member of a golf course such as Ironhorse Country Club, you are also helping to protect your interests and the interests of fellow members, when you practice good golf etiquette.