What You Need To Know About West Palm Beach, FL Before You Move There

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West Palm Beach Florida is without a doubt a city that is robust. It is hub for business, culture, and contemporary life. It has features social and historic amenities such as malls, Norton Museum of Art and Meyer Amphitheater. This city is also characterized by Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Sun Fest music festival which takes place annually.  Below is a more detailed outline of what you need to know about West Palm Beach Florida before you move there. 

West Palm Beach is a great example of “The Sunshine State”. During the summer season, the period from May to October is rainy season (but it usually only rains in the afternoons for a short time) with temperatures of 86-95 degrees. Winter season is not as cold as expected as the temperatures are between 75-82 degrees. Tropical storms and hurricanes are potential climatic changes do occur from time to time. As a prospective Florida resident, you need to be well prepared for such climatic changes but everyone adapts quickly.

Employment opportunities

The rate of unemployment in West Palm Beach is generally low (7.8%). This is based on a report released in 2012 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The city offers employment opportunities in diverse fields. The fields that generate plenty of jobs are real estate, construction and tourism. The health care services field also provides job opportunities to residents as well as the private education sector. ION Media Networks, Florida Crystals and Sikorsky Aircraft are some of the companies that steer the economy of West Palm Beach

The school system (grades K-12) in West Palm Beach is under the administration of the School District of Palm Beach County. Based on enrollment, this school district is among the largest in the country according to information published in 2010. West Palm Beach  is endowed with public schools, specialized schools and magnet schools. Some of these schools include Bak Middle School of Arts and Dreyfoos School of Arts high school. There are also institutions of higher learning such as Northwood University, Palm Beach Atlantic University and Keiser University. 

Heavy traffic is expected during the Monday – Friday drive times, especially during season when the snowbirds are here. This is attributed to frequent road construction work. However with technology you can avoid some of it with apps like Google Maps or Waze to keep up to date with any new developments. 

Country Clubs
West Palm Beach has some of the best country clubs in the country including the Preserve of Ironhorse which is a dominant golf and country club. The club offers a wide array of entertainment and recreational activities. It features the following:
- State of the art tennis facilities
- Swimming pool
- Fitness center amenities
- Golf facilities surrounded by beautiful, native landscapes

Car registration
It is mandatory to register your car if you are permanently moving to West Palm Beach Florida. The car registration process requires proof of Florida insurance, proof of ownership of your car and verification of your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). 

In conclusion, if you are planning on moving to West Palm Beach Florida, you have an idea of what to expect. As shown here, it is a beautiful and exciting city to live in.