What You Need To Know About Moving To Florida

What You Need To Know About Moving To Florida

From sunshine and Mickey Mouse to picturesque beaches that stretch more than 600 miles, there is no limit to what Florida can offer you. This paradise also offers endless things to do, as its carefree approach makes life more versatile. Like with most other relocation activities, moving to Florida might present a challenge for people who are unaware of what to expect. Here’s what you need to know about moving to Florida

Florida Weather
While Florida is dubbed “The Sunshine State” and most areas feature a sub-tropical climate, there is a range of other weather conditions found within the large state. From mild weather in the colder winters to short, mild cold-snaps to the northern communities and hot sunny summers that are rather humid, you should be prepared for anything. Regular summers also characterize rainy season, although they last 45 minutes or less.

Florida Cities
The beautiful beachside towns are numerous and offer a taste of city life. If you are a country life person then central Florida might be best for you, just leave Miami for the fast-pace cosmopolitan lifestyle lovers. St. Petersburg features an upcoming creative culture. You can also find fishing, kayaking and other outdoor activities in Sarasota, which is home to a cultural and culinary scene. If you want a medium paced lifestyle with great golf courses and beaches then West Palm Beach could be perfect for you.

Florida Jobs
Walt Disney World is among the city's largest employers. Other major employers include public schools, the health care system and Publix supermarkets for the local employees. The tourism/hospitality industry provides a source income for more than one million individuals. Hotels, amusement parks and waterparks are maintained by a large number of employees. The agricultural industry produces oranges, tomatoes, sugarcane and dairy products, all of which provide employment to many Floridians.

Fun Things in Florida
Explorers will find this state accommodative, as it features a range of wilderness and outdoor sceneries. Jingle-like parks, crystal-clear springs, lakes, rivers and beautiful beaches are attractive places to visit for fishing, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding and golfing all seasons.

Cost of Living
While the national median home value averages $188,900, Florida’s is slightly higher at $206,476. Each community has its own cost of living, with coastal communities being somewhat more expensive than their non-coastal counterparts. However, some beachfronts can be incredibly affordable.

Getting Around Florida
Having a car will make it easier to go around Florida. 75 and 95 are some of the major highways crisscrossing Florida, and with the Seven-Mile Bridge and Sunshine Skyway bridges, you will still be having fun while stuck in traffic. A1A drive will connect you from East-Coast to West-Coast as you enjoy the view of numerous beach towns like Daytona.

Country Clubs and Golf Courses
If you love golf and tennis but don’t like waiting then country clubs may be perfect for you. We highly recommend The Preserve at Iron horse which is located in West Palm Beach. They are membership only country club that has all the amenities you need including golf course, lighted tennis courts, swimming pool, fitness center and social events.