Moving to Florida from South Carolina

Someone who has lived in South Carolina would understand when I say they are limited to activities, especially outdoor. However, it has the great cities including Charleston, Greenville and Myrtle Beach that can offer diverse activities, its activities limitations sparks a desire to move. Florida would be a prime state to move to, with its activities ranging from subtle to overt; you would literally live there for years and see something new every day.

Unlike South Carolina, there is always and I mean always something to do in Florida. In a majority of the areas in the state, there are beautiful sceneries, clubs, and good views.
The Palm Beach County area, for example, is quite extensive with a vast of activities as its description let alone West Palm Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton areas as. A majority of the cities are rich in culture which focuses on engaging their communities and to get the full experience you ought to spend a substantial amount of time in the state which is a vital factor for moving from South Carolina to Florida

The Weather
In Florida, it can get quite hot but again South Carolina gets even hotter. According to, in May the hottest temperatures average to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 107 degrees in August. Now taking the case of Florida, the average high temperature in May is 94 degrees Fahrenheit and 96 in August. You see the odds right there. Moving to Florida from South Carolina based on weather is, therefore, a good move whatsoever. An added advantage when moving to Florida from South Carolina is the availability of the coastal breezes which help offset some of the heat. Humidity, however, is a major setback in Florida.

The Water Views
South Carolina has less known beach towns compared to those in Florida. Myrtle Beach and lakes cannot be compared to the gorgeous Florida water views. In Florida, you can basically have a country club experience in the vicinity of a good beach water view. That is how fascinating it can get. At the Preserve of Ironhorse, you can experience such a view. You have a choice of ocean, intracoastal, lakes, not to mention a majority of the residences in South Florida have pools. 

Real Estate
Moving to Florida from South Carolina in terms of real estate is a super move! Real estate is hot there and often makes headlines in national lists of top areas to buy and invest.

Why Florida?
View her as a tropical paradise. In Florida, you can experience the full tropical lifestyle with friends and chilled out people. Contrasting this lifestyle to the cost of living it is quite less costly than most parts of the country. 

If you love outdoor activities you can always check out their country clubs. In West Palm Beach we recommend The Preserve of Ironhorse, for an unmatched country club experience with water views, golf, swimming, fitness as well as team building activities. For memberships, you can always contact the club for an unfathomable experience at (561) 624-5550.