Living in Florida vs Maryland


Florida and Maryland are two beautiful states but very different.. With some scenic beauty and all the comfort that these states offer, they are naturally the favorites of many. But when it comes to settling down in one of these states, people often get confused. If you are also thinking which one to choose, then here is a comparison of living in Florida vs Maryland. This will surely help you to know about the two states and decide which one is better.

One of the main concerns that you have to look at while as far as where to settle is the climate. Maryland is very cold during the winters with chilling wind and snows all over. It is quite hard to go out during the winter days. Whereas, you will find Florida mostly hot and sunny throughout the year. It has a very pleasant weather that encourages you to plan outdoor events more. Even in winters, you don’t have to shovel the snow or dress up in thick layers of woolen garments every time you step out.

When it comes to living, the cost of living does matter a lot. In Maryland, the cost of living can be high because of the taxes you have to pay. There are sales tax, income tax and many more others. Since the tax is rate is so high, the cost of living is naturally high. But in Florida, you do not have to pay any sales taxes. Also, there is no estate tax and inheritance tax that you have to pay. Only tax that you need to pay is the federal tax.

Do you love boating, fishing, watersports and golf? Then you will get all in Florida. There are more than 1,300 golf courses, walking and biking trails there. If you especially love golf and tennis then you should definitely check out the private country club The Preserve at Ironhorse located in West Palm Beach. The state completely encourages you to stay active and young throughout. Though there are some great recreational spots in Maryland, but nothing in comparison to Florida.

Vacation Destinations:
If you want to go on a short vacation on the weekend, then you have a lot of options in Florida. If you are looking for some family fun then Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and of course, the Disneyland are there in Florida. Also, you cannot ignore the beautiful beaches it has, especially down in Key West. There is no reason for you to get bored here. On the other hand, Maryland has few historical places of interests and zoos. but Florida has their share.


So, by any means Florida overall is a better place for living. People, regardless of their age, love and enjoy staying in Florida. Perhaps, there is a magic in its weather. No one loves to leave this place and the best part is that you can buy a new home in Florida at a much cheaper price. You can see a huge difference in the cost of living too. You can grow fruit like mangoes in your own lawn or backyard. Undoubtedly, Florida is a state full of life and happiness.