Palm Beach Beaches

Leisure Activities in South Florida

Florida is a special destination for visitors hoping to explore historic sites, relax while on vacation and make wonderful memories to last a lifetime. So here are some fun activities to try out in the southern regions of the sunshine state.

Relax at the beach
Florida has more than a thousand miles of beautiful coastline offering sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and unforgettable sunset views. Children can build sandcastles and go on scavenger hunts while the adults can play beach volleyball and relax under umbrella shades. Whole family activities include a nice beach picnic or collecting elegant seashells to ornament your home. For couples hoping for a romantic getaway than a walk on the beach while watching the sunset is definitely something to experience.

Take a short cruise
Several cities along with the Florida coastline function as docks for cruise liners with Miami having a reputation as the cruise capital of the world. This creates a perfect opportunity for short cruise trips along the coastline or to nearby exotic islands. Fun activities on a cruise include:

• Extreme water slides.
• Rock climbing on artificial walls.
• Onboard skydiving simulation.
• Broadway shows.

Check out unique museums
The History Miami Museum showcases the cultural significance of Miami and South Florida as a major crossroad between the two Americas. The museum highlights artifacts and relics from native Americans who lived in the region as well as remnants from the Spanish imperial conquests. The Bass Museum of Art is another major center showcasing Latin American, the Caribbean as well as Asian art. The Museum is named after its founder John Bass.

Visit an Eco-adventure park.
Jungle Island is located in Miami and it is known for its diverse ecological wonders. There are over a thousand species of parrots and more than 3000 animals in the park. The world famous liger named Hercules was created by mixing the genes of a lion and tiger and it is housed here. Other wonders include African penguins, lemurs, and red kangaroos. Notable visitors to the park include President Jimmy Carter, Sir Winston Churchill, and Steven Spielberg.

Visit Sea Aquarium
Of all leisure activities in South Florida, this is simply the one nobody can afford to miss. The South Florida Miami Sea Aquarium houses a variety of marine life ranging from killer whales to sea lions. Visitors get the chance to swim with dolphins and sea turtles while children are taught about how penguins live. Audiences can watch dolphins perform tricks like air flips as well as silly antics performed by sea lions. Visitors get more than four hours to tour the facility have a meal and relax.

Try out fun sporting activities
South Florida’s warm climate is ideal for a wide range of sporting activities. Skydiving at the iFly facility can be an exhilarating experience. Surfing on the many beautiful beaches can be refreshing and rejuvenating.

Of special note is The Preserve at Ironhorse which is known for its majestic beauty, elegant water bunkers and perfectly trimmed grass. This gem is perfect for golfing which is why it attracts guests from every part of America. This grand 18 hole wonder was designed by the world renown Arthur Hill to be a masterpiece of aesthetic beauty and a challenging adventure for those bold enough to try it out.