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How To Chip Your Best Shot

A chip shot is where the time spent in the air is less than the time it rolls on the ground when playing golf. A good percentage would be thirty to seventy, where seventy represents the amount of time used rolling on the ground and thirty signifies the time spent in the air.

What do you have to do to get the best chip shot? You can hot the chip shot from anywhere off the green about thirty yards. In some cases, you may hear some golfers talking about run and chip. There are many strategies and tips to help get the best chip shot while playing the golf game.

What are important tips and strategies on how to chip your best shot?

Maintain A Narrow Stance
The shorter the golf hit, the narrower the stance usually. This improves sense as well as control to the greens, so don’t forget to stand having your feet 8 inches apart or perhaps less.

Choke The Club Grip
This will shorten the golf club which will help prevent you from punching the ground ahead of the ball, which is not that hard to carry out with a chip shot. Shorter clubs are much better for shorter shots.

Don’t Worry About Removing Your Glove Right Away
This is actually a personal liking of course, but do try it out. You might be amazed at what sense you could have around the greens without using a glove.

Make use of your wrists.
Make certain your wrists are good and free. You do not need them too loose or you will not be able to strike through the shot. However, you have to be comfortable at the greens. Hold the club strongly but relax your wrists and hands. This can help with sense and also control.

Play the ball off your back foot except if you are shooting a flop shot. This is because you can create better club face-to-ball feel as soon as the ball is on the back of your position. The ball may come out lower and more consistently, too.

Put your hands forward so that the golf club grip is directly up and in front of your front shoulder. This will also aid in ball contact and produce an even more solid golf shot.

It’s no secret that the shorter game is vital to help you playing great golf game, however there are many players out there who really underestimate how crucial chipping is for generating wonderful scores. Many individuals have a tendency to focus solely on putting if they working on their quick game, however as essential as putting is, it’s not the sole determining element of having a great quick game.

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