How To Hit The Golf Ball Farther -

How To Hit The Golf Ball Farther

For many golfers, hitting the ball farther is always a challenge. Whenever they make that long shot there’s always a strong chance it will go into the trees or water. Logically, you might think that this is all about experience and that this crucial skill will automatically develop with time. To others, the blame is on the physical characteristics of their bodies. But regardless of whether you are short or tall, thin or fat, you can hit the ball farther. Consider the following tips;

1. Tee you ball higher. Working with a high tee height fosters a more upward attack on the ball. This primarily increases the angle at which the ball launch as it adds dynamic lofts. It also reduces backspin. You would even feel more motivated to hit the ball from the side, and this plays a vital role in the length that the ball will cover.

2. Monitor your grip and have the arm lead straight. You should always adjust the left hand a little bit inwards to have the knuckles face the target. Positioning your hands in such manner lets you drive at an impact through the ball. You should also be careful not to over-squeeze the grip. Treat it gently. A straight arm lead, on the other hand, is crucial in adding distance. It creates a longer way that the clubhead moves to hit the ball. A longer swing consequently translates to a longer shot. The straight lead arm also assists in attaining a 90-degree angle with the wrist as your backswing.

3. Involve your hips and shift weight. Move your hips! Use them to as a mechanism to activate a pull through the swing. This works more efficient that using your arms in pushing it. Capitalize on the twisting momentum of the hips to create a club head that is much faster. While moving the hips, you should also focus on transferring your weight. When you backswing, most of your weight, about 60%, is supposed to be on the back leg. As you turn the ball, about 85% of your weight should move to the front foot.

4. Upgrade your irons. The super game advanced iron are becoming stronger with every new edition. Sadly, the old 7-iron cannot keep up with the modern 8-iron. The advancements are as a result of the lowered center of gravity that has been put in place and implemented to have the ball up quicker than before. A new set, therefore, translates to shorter irons been hit into greens. You will also be placed in the right direction towards lower scores.

5. Have the right shoes. Every sports person knows the importance of being in the right shoes. Many people think that it is only the size that matters, but even the type should be a concern. In golf, having the right shoe has been proven to attain an average of 3-4 mph higher clubhead speed, which translates to about 10 yards. Most golfers achieve longer distance when they have the right shoes that is recommended for them.

Final thoughts. Adjusting your golf swings to incorporate the above discusses tips will take some time. It can result in frustrations among the impatient lot. Miss shots and poor timing is common every time you adjust to a new strategy. The key is to practice it regularly to a point where it becomes a routine so give it a shot. Good luck.