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Healthy Eating Tips For Golfers

Golf isn’t just a game, it’s more than that. It is a passionate lifestyle for serious golfers. Your body takes a toll of the endless hours that you spend on the golf course in some very bitter and harsh weather conditions. Like any other sport, golfers also need to carefully plan their diet as well as health care requirements. You are as good in the field as you prepare yourself to be. Here are some very basic tips and also some dos and don’ts for every golfer:

Hydration is perhaps the most basic of tips in every golfer’s arsenal. Especially in hot and humid conditions in South Florida. Hydration plays a pivotal role in ensuring your body functions properly as well as your overall alertness. A dehydrated golfer is the worst thing that can happen in the middle of your golfing spree. Make sure to keep the cooler in your golf cart with all the essential liquids and food.

Carbs and mental health are closely associated with each other. Carbs are very essential source of energy for every golfer with having a direct impact on the mental health and brain function. You must make sure you are taking the rights carbs in the right quantity. While you are in the field, make sure you are carrying some with you. The easiest to carry are healthy carbs, fruits, juices, protein bars, etc.

Proteins assists in muscle function and recovery which is beneficial to performance out on the course. Healthy protein options include, chicken, turkey, lean ground beef, soy foods, nuts and seeds. Along with the latter options, some vegetarian options include peanut butter, quinoa, low-fat cottage cheese and such others.

Stay loaded and fueled before you hit the course for those tiring sessions. Plan ahead and have your meals a couple of hours before your matches depending upon the responsiveness of your digestive system. As a thumb rule, have your main course full meals at least 3 to 4 hours prior to your game. Also plan and carry small portions of your dietary requirements with you on the course and consume these portions at regular intervals to be in a tip top shape.

Stay away from foods that are either processed, have high sodium content or are loaded with high fats. This would hold true for both what you eat and what you drink. Soda that has excessive sugar and sodium is a sure “No No”. Also, processed foods such as processed deli meat, hot dogs, chocolate bars and other junk food will give you an initial kick but you will “crash” soon after. It’s better to have a healthy meal plan prepared in advance to avoid the potential to cheat.

Rest and recovery is one of the most crucial stage of a golfers life cycle. Your body, especially your back and groin needs to be rested. Rested well enough so that your body cells can repair before you are ready for the next match. Getting the right amount of sleep and adequate rest is a very serious matter and you must never ignore either of the two. To your health!