Golf Tip: How To Improve Your Tee Shots

Golf Tip: How To Improve Your Tee Shots  -

Are you an enthusiastic golfer looking to improve your tee shots? Those new first tee shots are precious for any golfer. Just like any other golfer, I struggled first to master those tricky tee shots, but with diligent effort and determination, I did manage to perfect my tee shots to a great extent.

Golf drives are as intimidating as it is rewarding. This exciting yet stressful shot determines how your round will go and also determines the level of expertise with which the hole will be played out.

Tee shots help to set you up for success by hitting it long and down the middle. Approach shots from the fairway are far better than those from the rough or the woods. Don’t even mention the lake. Golf drives are thus vital in this game which is the reason practice facilities are named “driving ranges.”

The thrill and excitement of striking a ball entirely and making it land in the middle of the fairway over 300 yards away are unmatched, at least for me it was so. Par is made much more comfortable, and golfers have enhanced birdie chances with a good drive.

Here are a few tips and inputs to improve your drives. These can be practiced well at the range and put into action during actual play.

So much of the success of your tee shot is determined by how you position the club about the ball at an address before you even move the club one inch. So let’s get this part right for sure. Here is how to improve your tee shots:

Tee Height:
There is a common tendency by golfers when the ball is at rest on the ground to place the top of the driver in line with the bottom of the ball. This is too high and typically results in striking the ball too high on the clubface resulting in a top shot that doesn’t carry as it should. The correct position is to place the top of the driver in line with the equator or center of the ball to promote a middle of the clubface strike.

Club Position:
As you position the clubface, make sure the ball is aligned with the club’s toe. There is a natural tendency for your arms to stretch a bit during the swing due to the power of centrifugal force and the speed of your swing. Setting up with the ball in the center of your clubface as is common can often result in making contact with heel due to these same forces. You have more chances of hitting the sweet spot of the ball by setting it towards the toe.

Ball Position:
Last but not the least; make sure that to play the ball forward in your stance. Most golfers tend to use the inside of the heel of the front foot. This way, they prepare to hit the ball on the upswing rather than on the downswing. This is good because it is the best way to make proper use of the design of your driver. No need to pay all of that money for new driver technology and then not take full advantage of it is there.