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Golf Swing Basics

If you’re just starting out with your golf game, there can be a lot of suggestions coming from many different places, making it hard to sort through the noise and really understand the basics so that you can improve over time. Proper golf swing is definitely a fundamental of golf swing basics that should be considered if you want to rule the golf course. The swing is the driving force of your golf game. This is true both in the physical and in the literal sense. Unfortunately, a person’s swing is really their own, and everyone has a slightly different way of gaining momentum for the most effective results. Although you can customize your own strategy to make the moves, you can improve your game as you take the time to understand the basics of the golf swing to ensure the ball goes right where you want it to. Practicing at the driving range can also help to improve your technique.

The perfect golf swing is often discussed by golf experts. For most golfers, however, it’s important to improve the basics of a golf swing to get longer punches and more accurate shots. Most beginner golfers do not use the traditional golf swing. They often turn differently in their golf stance, not just every time they play, but every time they swing. Here are some golf swing basics you can use:

Keep Your Hands Low

Limiting the run effectively reduces the height of your shots. The lower the hands, the lower the ball flight. If you push the golf ball into position or select a stronger golf club that makes it spin easily, you can accomplish the same thing, but it is less true and more difficult to execute. Instead, try to keep your hands low in the finish and the trajectory of your movements will be lower. Also, you need to make sure that you have a good grip on the club, which will help to enforce the rest of your swing.

Better Your Backswing

Once you’ve got your ball position all set, you are ready for your backswing. As you start your swing, use your upper body including the arms, core, and shoulders, as opposed to using your wrists. Set your club head on the ground, bring the club back, and practice swinging the club head and lowering slowly behind the ball on the target line. Make sure you swing on the plane to ensure a solid shot of the ball and improve accuracy. Make sure your right forearm is parallel to the spine and your left wrist is flat, and that your arms and elbows are a solid triangle. Your left arm should be at a 90 degree angle As you lift the club over your head, the shaft of the club should be parallel to the ground.

Dominate Your Downswing

After you’ve perfected your backswing, the next goal is to get your downswing down to make contact with the ball. Keep your right arm straight as you downswing, and don’t flare your elbow out or turn your spin away from the target. As you transition from your backswing to your downswing, you may notice the natural movement of your lower body turning back towards the ball. You want to make sure that your weight is moving towards your front foot, instead of letting your weight shift in the opposite direction. Your arms should be fully extended toward the target after the club face makes contact with the golf ball.

Using Body for Power

All experienced golfers know that the power to shoot is from the body, not the arms. To be trained to hit the ball with your body and not with your hands and arms, put the punch behind the ball in the right place. Try to strike the ball without making a setback. You may have trouble controlling the golf club at first. However, you will soon discover that once you move the club with your body, you have the most stable ball in the air.

Use The Proper Footwork

If you know a lot about basic handlers, now focus on a few steps. Well, honestly, there are no golden rules for proper footwork. A golfer needs to develop his ability to adapt to everything else about his body. However, you must ensure that no part of the body obstructs the powerful movement for a successful swing.

With practice and determination, you will have good golf swings down in no time and will be hitting the ball right where you want it as you play golf. To improve your golf swing basics check out The Preserve at Ironhorse for their memberships, to help you learn and become a good golfer. Together with the above-mentioned techniques and you will notice an improvement in your swing before you know it!