Golf Courses In Florida

Golf is one of the games that you can quietly enjoy with friends and family during your vacation or on weekends. There are many golf courses in Florida that offer you the chance to enjoy this game with your friends and family. One club is The Preserve at the Ironhorse. They are a country club that is strategically located in the West Palm Beach in Florida and are open to people of all ages. This makes it convenient for hanging out with the entire family or with a group of friends. 

More about The Preserve at the Ironhorse

This country club is dedicated to make your golf experience the best when you are in Florida. The golf course is designed to resemble the Arthur Hills and it has 18 holes. In addition to that, some of the other facilities in the club include the following;

  • Swimming pool.
  • Fitness center that is fully equipped. 
  •  Tennis courts.
  • Dining area. 
  • It also has a spot for holding ocial gatherings and events.

These among many other attractive features of The Preserve at the Ironhorse make it the destination of choice. 

Why The Preserve at the Ironhorse for your golfing experience

As stated earlier, The Preserve at the Ironhorse is the place to be not only for golfing but other sports as well. However, golf stands out to be the main feature of this country club. Here are some of the features that makes it the best golfing club to visit;

Golf lessons

This is one of our most attractive features. This is because the golfing experience is not only limited to professionals. Young people who have interest in the game can also get lessons and coaching from the instructors that are available at the club. The trainers offer their services on the scheduled days, two times every month. In addition to training programs, golfers at the club can be hooked up with the best clubs for professional golf tournaments.

Golf pro shop

Just as the name suggests, this shop is fully stocked with all the supplies you may need during golfing. This shop is meant to ensure that you fully enjoy your golfing time at the club. There is a wider range of services that is offered to the members of the club. In addition to the costumes and sports-wear at the club, there is also a snack shop. You can get your favorite snack or drink to refresh yourself when golfing. 

Golf is a game that can be enjoyed quietly among friends, colleague and even family. There are many golf courses in Florida the best being The Preserve at the Ironhorse. We are a country club that is committed to ensure that you have the best golfing experience when you are in Florida. In addition to golf, there are also other resources in the club. Swimming pools, tennis courts and even sports for social gatherings and events ensures that the club is the best for all your needs. Contact us for more info on our memberships.