Exercises To Improve Your Tennis Game

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Tennis, just like any other sport there is requires a lot of training to get better at it. For those who are new at the game, it is recommended that one begins by learning the basics of the game. After mastering the rules and the simple moves then proceed to more advanced levels of training with the professionals.

Below are some of the exercises to improve your tennis game:

The serve
If you are familiar with the game of tennis you should know that any game can be won or lost depending on the opening serve. The serve sets the pace of the game and if you are going to intimidate your opponent, you need to make sure that you have a great opening serve.

There are two things you need to learn about your opening serve:

  1. Extreme edge: When taking your serve, you need to be on one extreme edge of the court. This offers you a good vantage point for a great serve. It also improves the chances of beating your opponent.
  2. The placement: Placement is when you throw the ball in the air so that you can hit it with your racket. It may not seem much but it offers the basics of a good serve. Throw the ball up to a level that you know you will be able to hit well as it comes down. If you are a newbie to tennis, first practice without a racket then introduce one once are good at placement. The best position to hit the ball is in the middle of the throw action. Ensure that you also throw the ball slightly above and in front of you, at your arms full stretch.

If you are to be good at tennis, you will need to work on your speed. You need to be fast on both the feet and your arms. This can be improved by running very short distances at very high speeds with a racket in hand. By so doing your hands will also get used to the weight of the racket for quick movements. Later in the training, you can start hitting a tennis ball against a wall and catching it with the racket before it falls. At more advanced levels, you may start practicing with another player.

The other equally important factor when training for tennis is accuracy. While you might be really fast, if all the shots you take are not accurate, you will still lose. It is therefore important to ensure that every fast short you take counts. For this, you can exercise hitting the ball against a wall, with your racket, aiming at a specific target. After you are good in that, you start practicing by catching rebounds with the racket and aiming at exactly the same point. This will help you improve your ability to return great shots.

The above are some exercise to help you improve your tennis game. It may not bear much fruit in the beginning but persistence and consistence when training will gradually improve your tennis game and in no time, you will be playing like a professional.