Why You Should Consider Moving To Florida

Why You Should Consider Moving To Florida - https://preserveatironhorse.com/consider-moving-florida/

What if I told you that there is a state in the US where the weather is like spring break? Florida is always warm, the sun shining always and has lots of wonderful neighborhoods. If you love beaches, then you can reconstruct the magic of past Spring Break every single day. Here are more reasons to move to Florida.

  1. Lots of Fun Activities

Florida, or the Sunshine state as many people call it, has a lot to offer for not only tourists but also residents. With bigger cities like Jacksonville, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Miami sprinkled amidst smaller, home style-feeling cities, there is genuinely something for everyone. There are always festivals and events, like during Christmas season in Mount Dora. Only 40 minutes from Orlando, Mount Dora has the small-town feel but with a vintage flair. Citizens here string up lights to make the town twinkling for everyone to see.

And for people who enjoy outdoor sports like golf and tennis without the chaos of a public facility there is a great country club just for that, The Preserve At Ironhorse in West Palm Beach. If you love fishing, great restaurants, relaxing, shopping and learning, Florida can be a great home away from home.

  1. Incredibly Good Weather

There is a good reason Florida is called the Sunshine State. It has lots of warm days during the year, more than most states in the US. Winters have become a lot milder these days, and there haven’t too been stormy hurricanes since 2005. Everyone just hopes it stays that way. 

  1. It’s Cheap Living in Florida

This is not to say that Florida is the cheapest place to live in the US, but it’s definitely not expensive. Homes aren’t that expensive compared to other states like New York, California or Washington. Also, the sales tax rate is comparatively lower. For instance, it is 6.5% in Orlando. There is also no requirement to pay state or local income tax. Lastly, given that winters are comparatively milder, you won’t spend a lot of money buying winter shoes or clothes, and you also save on energy costs since it doesn’t require a lot of energy to heat your house.

  1. You are Always near the Beach

Irrespective of where you live in the whole of Florida State, whether it’s Miami, Tampa, Winter Park, Orlando, and West Palm Beach or just anywhere, you are never more than an hour from a beach. This makes Florida glorious. And due to the fact that the state has so many beaches, Florida hosts not one, or two or three but FIVE cruise ports. These are Miami, Port Canaveral, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville. If you’re the sort of person that craves cruising, you will save loads of cash on airfare if you move to Florida.


Florida is a paradise. You can enjoy life at its best, be whoever you want to be, go anywhere you want and almost always never need to put on a coat. The state has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are a newlywed couple, a student or someone who just wants to enjoy their retirement, Florida is a great place to live. With great weather, tranquil beaches and lots of fun activities, no one will regret moving to Florida.