Skyline Night West Palm Beach, Florida

Best Areas to Live in West Palm Beach, FL

The housing trends in West Palm Beach has been taking significant shifts from time to time. The 1920s designs became extinct by the 60s when suburb designs kicked in. Currently, developers are building impressive and artistic condos in various regions. West Palm Beach is a convenient place due to its adequate road connections and cultural amenities. Some of the best areas to live in West Palm are:

City Place
The houses in the region have the European style of build. The downtown project consists of townhouses studio lofts, and also rentals. Some of the units in the area overlook the town’s plaza. If you love being in the city, this would be a perfect choice for you. It’s full of restaurants, bars, specialty shops and also a national retailer shop.

Cityplace is expanding giving its owners more entertainment joints and restaurants. One of the top-notch high school, Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr School of Arts, is in Cityplace. Most of the individuals living in this neighborhood are young professionals and “young” retirees.

Flamingo Park
Most of the homes built in this region during the 1920s went a phase of neglect as new suburb designs picked up in the 60s-70s. A group of wealthy Northerner’s came in the late 1980s and 90s bringing in a new change also. The current housing designs are awe-inspiring and artistic. The Flamingo park is priced to match its kind and friendly neighborhood.

The streets are lined with trees, and you can book for the tours to holiday decorating competitions and restored homes. If you love cultural events, this is your place. It’s easily accessible due to the major highways, and Palm Beach International Airport is nearby. Majority of the population includes professionals and business owners.

In Wellington, there are 57 miles equestrian paths for biking, walking, running or inline skating. The famous Palm Beach Polo and country club are located in Wellington. It hosts some of the prominent polo games, and thousands of spectators come to cheer their favorite players.

It’s located approximately 12 miles from the West of West Palm Beach. The roads in Wellington are meandering which make it different from any other state in South Florida. At first, it was a bedroom community but as time went by different types of housing units came up. The region comprises mainly of the wealthy and the middle-class families.

Jensen Beach
This small town is a fantastic place for relaxing found in Northern Martin County. The city is only a few blocks with a massage joint and an oxygen bar. The house designs in Jensen Beach are of different varieties. Houses located at the Atlantic coastal ridge offer a fantastic view of the ocean.

Wealthy individuals moved into this region raising the value of properties. Along the Indian River Drive, some of the condos come with their private docks. However, the law restricts the construction of towers in this region. The residence is full of bikers, shop owners, surfers and also fishers.

Downtown Delray Beach
The self-styled region is one with the greatest redevelopment stories. The area is busier than before, and you can find numerous art galleries and restaurants in the Atlantic Avenue. In Delray Beach, you can easily acquire one of the older homes which are still impressive. There are also in-town apartment options for individuals who would need to frequent the coffee shops in the morning.

For people who are looking for partners, Bostons on the Beach is one fantastic hangout spot where you can interact with different people. There are various cultural activities that you can participate in thanks to several cultural centers. Residents in the Delray Beach can commute to work since it’s near Interstate 95. Majority of the residents are the middle-aged class who can afford the high cost of housing. In the downtown region, most of the residents are couples and professional singles.

If you are planning to shift to West Palm Beach, there are plenty of housing options you can check out. Developers aim at giving you an extravagant lifestyle to ensure you enjoy your residency in West Palm Beach. There are also different social amenities in the region like The Preserve at Ironhorse. You can enroll as a member to enjoy the superb services such as golf during your free time together with your family.