Attractions in West Palm Beach, FL

You have traveled to Florida and wondering where to find the best attractions where you can spend your day relaxing with your friends or family. The best place to visit is West Palm Beach where there are countless attractions for you to visit and have fun. West Palm Beach contains all types of entertainment for you to get relaxed and numerous activities for you to engage. You can spend all your day on the white sands, swimming and enjoy beautiful nights with drinks, foods and live music performances from various artists. To offer you the best deals and ideas, here are the best Attractions in West Palm Beach that you can never miss when you visit Florida.

City Place
It is full of attractions that keep the tourists and locals satisfied. They range from shopping, music, dining, music and colorful parade of people on weekend evenings there are excellent local bands at the plaza where people can enjoy the dances. Muvico Parisian Theater, with 20 screens and technological features such as Imax are also present. For shopping, you can go for jewelry, gift shops. you can also enjoy their restaurants including gourmet marketplaces or cheese shops.

Sea Cows at Manatee Lagoon
The manatees, Florida’s beloved sea cows congregate around the north of West Palm Beach for warm water outflow. This is a great attraction seeing these creatures whose weight range from 1,500 – 2,000 pounds. They swim to where people are when on dock rolling over on the water so people can pat their bellies. This is really an exciting adventure for all the age groups.

Ragtops Automobile Museum
Ragtops Motorcars Palm Beach is one of the biggest tourist attractions. The cars are classic, you can purchase one of the best cars of your dreams. we have wagons that are made of wood at the side. a very classic thing to experience and witness to the car lovers. All this class attracts a lot of people because an experience is better than mere stories.

Wild Side of Florida at the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
This is where you find a wide range of plant and animal species that are found only in the Florida Everglades ecosystem. Tourists to come from all around to come and watch the wild game. There are also some endangered species that attract people. These species include; snail kite, wood stork, and the American alligator. You can also walk through the marshes and mangroves and experience the nature of the tropical landscape. The place is not only suitable for educational trips but also for the general public and families.

Wet 'n' Wild Family Day at the Rapids Water Park
Here is where the kids have fun by getting soaked. It may not be necessarily kids but people who would like to have the fun of all ages. You experience rides with very sharp turns through a dark tunnel and a heart-pounding 45 degree drop. There is a barefoot bay where the kids can interact with. This is the best place for the family as it involves some terrific moments that comes with a lot of excitement, fun and screaming.

Country Club
If you want to settle down in West Palm Beach in style then you can spend your time at the Preserve at the Ironhorse. The club is located at the heart of West Palm Beach and provides exclusive country club experience for the entire family and people of all ages. This is the club where you will find the best swimming pools, fitness center, tennis and their beautiful golf course.

As you have observed, West Palm Beach has numerous attractions but there is so much more so come visit and have some fun.