Art Galleries in West Palm Beach, FL

Art Galleries in West Palm Beach Florida

West Palm Beach has gained high popularity for its beaches. The wealthy demographics, as well as culinary culture, contribute to being the reasons why people love staying here. The place also boasts of festivals, galleries, festivals owing to which art lovers love visiting the place time and again. The place has some of the best arts. You are going to love the sculptures, paintings and other similar mediums here. Here is a list of the Art Galleries in West Palm Beach Florida:

Norton Museum of Art
It was founded by Elizabeth and Ralph Norton in the year of 1940. With their deep commitment towards the preservation and collection of arts, the actual collection is located in the museum. The museum was opne to the public in 1941. The museum has a permanent collection of more than seven thousand pieces. The most special collections include American, Chinese, photography, contemporary and European ones.

Flagler Museum
The Flagler Museum used to house the Henry Morrison Flagler and a railway multimillionaire who was fond of fine arts once. The personal collection of Flagler formed the base of the museum. Flagler is the founder of the first museum of Florida. The present board of administration and trustees takes a high interest while highlighting the art as well as different other exhibits.

Galeria of Sculpture
The Galeria of Sculpture is considered to be the in-house of modern glass art which is created by international, American and local artists. The vast collection of the Galeria is inclusive of different pieces from the renowned and highly talented glass sculpturists, which are inclusive of Mollie Stone, Michael Chon, James Nowak, Mary Bethy Bliss. The gallery provides international shipping and consulting solutions for the collectors or different patrons who are willing to procure creative and unique pieces of glass art.

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens
Ralph Norton bought Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in 1925. Ann Weaver used to be the very first instructor in the year of 1942. The multiple pieces here are recognized to be the focal point of this garden. Taking assistance from Sir Peter Smithers, her friend, the dream of procuring the sanctuary for keeping flora and fauna in addition to the fine artwork turned into reality.

Armory Art Center
Armory Art Center started with an amazing fanfare in the year of 1987. The art education contributes to being the main focal point of the center. The center shows high commitment in showcasing art for the community in a plethora of exhibits. A summer camp is held the center annually for the teenage emerging artists.

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